I'm not sure what to write really. I'm not very good with success. Failure seems more tangible, easier to digest/dissect. Success always seems like too much good luck to me, and last night we were lucky.

We set up early, laying out the cables and lights methodically so that we didn't put too much power through any of the plugs. We brought down another generator to power our spotlights and had a mountain of fresh fuses at the ready.

 The volunteers that had been corralled in to holding the torches for us by Tim's Mum - Jess - started arriving from seven. Andy and Matt, Tim's brothers, lit their torches and directed them around the pool as it was getting dark.

At one point the generator blew out - probably a power surge from a loose connection - and we thought we were in trouble, but when we reset the trip switch, it was fine and chugged away happily for the rest of the night.

When it was almost completely dark we had another run, and when the flaming torches were doused in the pool, we turned the floodlights off. Andy and Matt got the timing perfect and the whole scene tumbled in to darkness just as the torches went out.

I followed the torch holders, recording them as they did their first run. They spoke about the pools - I overheard one of them saying that the last time they had been here was 1968. The kiosk above the pools stayed open late, and gave everyone free coffee when we finished.

The volunteers left at around ten, but we stayed until midnight, getting close ups and different angles. We got home at one and fell in to bed at about three. Today, all we've done is eat a large breakfast and fall asleep on the beach.

Thanks to everyone who came down, and all of Tim's family who provided manual labour, transport, food, drink and patience.


Next week we'll be interviewing people who were involved with the night time galas, but don't expect a blog tomorrow. We're off out for a booze. If there isn't a club called, 'Gurners' in Guernsey, I'm going to be very disappointed.