Gettin' the Heart Ready

I'm exhibiting as part of 'Gettin' the Heart Ready' at The Royal Standard in July.

Gettin’ the Heart Ready is a group exhibition celebrating The Royal Standard’s coming of age. The 23 artist-strong retrospective will showcase artists that have been collaboratively nominated by our directors past and present, in recognition of their previous work for The Royal Standard and their career as a practitioner.

Opening night 29 July 6–9pm
30 July — 11 September 2016

The Bad Vibes Club in Art Licks Magazine

The Bad Vibes Club provide the reading list for issue 19 of Art Licks magazine. With suggestions from me, Tessa Norton and Debra Shaw. You can buy it on their website.

Interview with Doggerland

Doggerland have published an interview with me in their latest magazine. Me and Tom Prater had a good chat and the interview covers The Bad Vibes Club, the ARKA group and my solo work.


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