Bastard Son by Dogtanion

I have been a busy bee. First I went to Liverpool for The Royal Standard residency, then off to Guernsey to make a film with Tim Bowditch, and then off to Devon to record some music with Tape Club Records. The debut album from Dogtanion, PSYCHOSES, will be out early next year, and the new single, 'Bastard son', is out on October the 11th. It Drew Itself (which is an excellent blog featuring various other Tape Club Records artists + other videos about people who I don't know and cannot therefore list right here and now) filmed us playing a live acoustic version whilst we were down in the Devon cottage.

I'll let you in to a little secret, we were dru-unk when we did this. Everyone. Cameraman, sound man, everyone.

Dogtanion / Bastard Son from itdrewitself on Vimeo.

This is the AM

Early blogging today. We're off back down to the pools for a final swim in a minute, then we have to pack up and get back on the slow boat. 13 hours to Portsmouth.

We filmed the sunrise over the pools, which was at 6:38 if you're interested.

Tim took some portraits of us as the tide rose. It looks like I'm deep in thought, but actually I'm still trying to work out why I'm awake.


We were looking through the photos for yesterday's blog and trying to work out why there weren't more pictures of Dave pulling stupid faces. He's good at those.

This one is for Bella.


We had a busy day today - our last day. We had four interviews and an early morning filming session. Tomorrow we have decided to wake up at six so that we can film the sunrise over the pools. I think it was my idea, but I'm not feeling the logic at this moment.

We won't have time to blog tomorrow, but to keep you all sweet, here are some softcore photos of Tim. If skinny men squinting in to the sun are your thing, you're in for a treat.

It's not all been hard work on Guernsey. We've been having a right old laugh over here. In lieu of getting T-shirts printed, we thought we'd present a few pictures of 'The Lads' when we're 'off duty'.

Work hard, play hard, as it were.

Dave 'The Slag' Angus

Matt 'Big Hands' Giraudeau

Tim 'Sir Hiss' Bowditch

Wehey, etc.


This week is SOUND week. My favourite week, because I'm doing it. As well as interviewing people about the pool and the night time galas, we are recording samples so that we can weave them together for the soundtrack.

As this is a blog about sound, we thought we'd put some sound in it. This is the sound of the floodlights being set up and turned on.


Like I said, we are recording interviews with people who were involved with the night time galas and the firedive. Today we spoke to Heyward Quevatre, a 94 old former diving instructor who still goes swimming every day (weather permitting. He gave us almost two hours worth of stories about the galas and showed us these photos of him diving at the pool.

When he found out we lived in London, he also told us this joke.

White card

To get a white balance for video you hold up a little bit of card in front of the lens, take a picture, and then tune the image accordingly.

Then we realised that we couldn't tune the image if we completely covered the lens.

The card covers the central point of focus in the shot.

We couldn't work out whether the card should be in focus, or the rest of the scene.

It's been a learning process.