Bastard Son by Dogtanion

I have been a busy bee. First I went to Liverpool for The Royal Standard residency, then off to Guernsey to make a film with Tim Bowditch, and then off to Devon to record some music with Tape Club Records. The debut album from Dogtanion, PSYCHOSES, will be out early next year, and the new single, 'Bastard son', is out on October the 11th. It Drew Itself (which is an excellent blog featuring various other Tape Club Records artists + other videos about people who I don't know and cannot therefore list right here and now) filmed us playing a live acoustic version whilst we were down in the Devon cottage.

I'll let you in to a little secret, we were dru-unk when we did this. Everyone. Cameraman, sound man, everyone.

Dogtanion / Bastard Son from itdrewitself on Vimeo.