Ambient Notes (Wysing)

Yesterday I was at Wysing Arts Centre near Cambridge, giving a performance-lecture to a group of artists, curators and academics who are there as part of the Escalator Retreat Program.

I stayed for the afternoon and watched them give short presentations on their work. I made notes on each person's presentation. Some of the notes were functional: names, references, questions. Some were more like a parallel thought process, relating in only oblique ways to what was being said. I'm calling these 'Ambient Notes', and, in no particular order, here they are.


Took apart a whole house, packed it into suitcases bit by bit and took it to Glasgow on an Easyjet flight

Academia as a genre, like detective fiction etc.

1 to 1 mapping = Objectivity or truth

Anti-production as advanced cultural commodity


Big Cans of Fosters in America

"And we Don't Even Know if our System is our System Anymore"


Mapped Dislocation

Macs = Technology OR symbol of techno-progression

Regeneration narratives

Ghosting - Casinos on burial grounds

Real i.e. not art

Art as housekeeping

Yearning for Objecthood, to be an object

Keith Chegwin, hid bottles of vodka in bushes on the way back from off licence so that when he ran out, he could drink them on the way to buy more booze. Kind of Outside Broadcasting

Grit/Crystal Formation

My Grandpa speaks very highly of the King of Morocco

Translation as teetering language

Is politics politics when it is oblique?

Does "The King" = The King?

A British Embassy in London

Master keys w/ octagonal fobs (?)


Dissonance/chromaticism/tempered tuning

Gabba nihilism vs Disco

Paradise Desktop Backgrounds vs Cosmic Desktop Backgrounds

Awkward Interval

Socratic privelage

Olympics: Inherent or additive ideology?

Caption + Credit Please

The Importance of Paying Attention

What would academia be without abstraction ? (1:1 mapping)

What would good curation be?

Cultures is world and world's reflection

Verbing the noun

Ear wax

Common use as explicit/loud, compressed by use, dynamics

"Starting art"

Art is never methodology

Research as fetish

"Acetate" = Acetate

The banality of the uncanny

Hobbies = valid art = not valid

"The Gap" or like, Gap, or like gaps, or like the gaps.


As part of Making Myself a Better Fiction Writer, I'm learning to touch type. I currently type with two fingers (one on each hand. I used to type with one finger, but my IT teacher in secondary school leant over my desk and said, 'you know, you could double your typing speed pretty easily').

Here are some of the things I've been typing via an online Learn to Type for Free website.

Keyboard - lesson one

Exercise two: ah had kag slag ah had lag slag ah had

Exercise three:  hash flash ask has hash flash ask has hash

Exercise four:  dash gash;lash dash gash lash dash gash lash

Exercise five:  lad sash flag lad sash flag lad sash flag

Exercise six:  lad sash flag lad sash flag lad sash flag

Exercise seven: glass alfalfa sdds glass alfalfa adds glass alfalfa adds

Exercise eight:  sad shall salad sad shalkl alad sad shall salad

Exercise eight:  ash glad alas ash glad alas ash glad alas

Exercise ten:  all flask half all flask half all flask hals

New work by the ARKA group as part of Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures
05/10/12 - 12/10/12
As part of Space In Between's continued interest in, and investigation of, collaborative practice we present Joint Ventures. Exhibited at Oval Space E2, Joint Ventures features new work by Ben Jeans Houghton & Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, Kazimierz Jankowski & Jennifer Bailey, Xavier Poultney & Hannah Barton, Becky Bolton & Louise Chappell, Simon Linington & William Mackrell, James Irwin & Will Robinson, Luke Montgomery & Josh Alexander. Download the full press release here.