Things, Money, Art, Work, Class

I wrote an essay for Corridor 8 based on an interview I did with Sam Venables and Joe Fletcher Orr.

We chatted about loads of stuff (you can listen to the full conversation on The Bad Vibes Club podcast), but the essay focuses in on being working class in the art world.

An Essay about Awkwardness

I wrote an essay about awkwardness and the internet for this great digital publication made by BAR Project in Barcelona. You can read it here.

The Creep

Life in Front on the Candle, paint on tiles, 2017

Life in Front of the Candle, detail

 Life in the Bag, paint on tiles, 2017

Life in the Cup, paint on tiles, 2017

 Life in the Cup, detail

Life on the Ball, paint on tiles, 2017

Life on the Ball, detail

Thanks to Tim Bowditch for the photos