The ARKA group in conversation at Zabludowicz Collection

The ARKA group talk about their exhibition 'On Between' at Zabludowicz Collection.
They accompanied their talk with a selection of videos and images which can be found at the links below (not in order)…& - guy dressed as tiger playing with inflatables - Furry fox on a dragon - A messy girl vid Ben sent me ages ago…tch?v=biiIsj6q3Bs - oh but this is the best one (the silvery mud)….html - an image dump of 'Milk Bags' on my blog….html - Blog I wrote in 2012 with pictures of wrapped things….html - Blog about a visit I made to Ireland to reserach abandoned housing developments. Lots of images at the end….html - Philip Guston drawings that I think about a lot…BOUtZOUlIWkk/edit - A lecture I update every now and again (this is the first version), called "Acceptable Blocakges", has lots of pictures of found sculptures. - v weird vid of 3d models sinking in mud…ets+the+Girl.wmv - vid of 3d models being eaten by giant worm and digested…1843473A8&index=3 - A few things from Mark Leckey's 'New Medievalism' list on youtube

Communal Juicing: In Conversation

Last month me and Eva Rowson chatted about my exhibition and performance Communal Juicing at Space in Between.

Some people came to watch us talk and there were some good questions and comments from people.

Then we went to the pub and then we went to Franco Manca and ate a pizza. It was a satisfying evening. On the way to the talk me and Ben (the other person in the ARKA group) ate champagne Magnum ice creams because we felt tired and I'd really recommend that as a little pick me up if you're feeling low.