I'm on the tube and there's this drunk guy. Really pissed and really big. Not just fat; tall and long and wide. And he is asleep sort of diagonally. He is leaning on what looks like his daughter, but she seems like she's his girlfriend. They both look a bit downtrodden, life not treating you so good etc. and I feel bad about not wanting to sit too close - there's a smell etc.
  I'm there for a while, reading my book and doing this weird grimace thing I seem to do on public transport now, and I'm wondering what is perturbing me about this guy so much. I keep staring at his ankles. What's my fascination with the lower portion of his legs? I realise, he is wearing trainer socks. You know those weird short socks that gelled-hair-sixth formers and super-camp guys and girls who are worried about VSL (visible sock line) wear? He isn't even wearing trainers.

Exhibition runs 22/01/10 - 05/02/10
Open Wednesday - Saturday 12-6pm
97 -99 Clerkenwell Rd 
London EC1R 5BX
Faecal Animal Ode.

All hail the Cat
who buries his shit.
Then chews on the grass;
is sick on the grass.

The Dog fails to see
the problem he excretes
with those adoring eyes,
those big stupid eyes.
I haven't been blogging. But I've been tweeting, I've been making art and I've had enough time to do ridiculous things like this...

...so no excuse really. I'll be back soon.

Me looking pleased with myself -Installation view of a selection of my Psychosis drawings at the Centre for Recent Drawing.

[click picture for bigger image]
Myspace Acoustic Entropy. There is beauty in failure. And comedy. Mainly comedy.
This will be one of those posts in which I apologise (to myself) for not doing all the things that I want to be doing on this blog. I'm in the middle of preparing for several things in the real world, and therefore have had to put my web-life on the back burner for now. But here is what's happening, so that I feel better about my lack of posting.

-I have an exhibition preview this Saturday 9th, 6-8pm at the Centre for Recent Drawing on Highbury Station Rd, London. I will be showing some of my Psychosis drawings.

-I am in the middle of setting up an exhibition with Andrew Sunderland to take place in the spring themed around the logic of emptiness. I am helping organise it, writing some text for it, and also making work for it, including an exciting collaboration between me and Attack!!!! magazine editor, Wes White.

-I am making a sci-fi film using found footage for a possible exhibition responding to a text by Dominic Rich.

-I am preparing the tracks for a Dogtanion album that should be out this year.

-I'm recording with the guys at Tape Club Records, and attempting to form a Tape Club House Band so that we can tour Europe at some point.


On the blogs (here and http://www.arkaanalysis.com/), I have several larger posts that I want to concentrate on.

On ashortdescriptionofmypoo
-An analysis of the two bloggers I read most fervently, Momus and Kpunk. I often think that they cover similar ground but in totally different ways -  a sort of left brain/right brain male/female style. Neither of them think that much of the other (as far as I can tell Kpunk thinks Momus spends too much time deflecting criticism in his comment boxes, and Momus thinks that Kpunk's writing style is an example of the failure of abstract language). Anyhow, like I said, I can't write it now...

-A survey of Cai Nyahoe's work - possibly with an interview if I can pin him down on a single topic for more than ten seconds. An artist and a friend who makes work that disturbs, disgusts and delights. Hopefully the seed of a future biography.

On Arka
-Continue to post excerpts from Awakenings by Oliver Sacks. Finish with a post analysing his ideas about theoretical chaos in disease and parallel his poetic descriptions of hallucinations with dream descriptions as the basis for cultural production.

-Read Freud's The Interpretations of Dreams. I have only ever read Freud on humour, and it seems odd to be writing about dreams without reference to the most (in)famous text concerning the act of dreaming and their meaning.

-Post an interview with Ben Jeans Houghton (though Emma Cummins will probably conduct this). ARKA needs to be formalised a little, and this would be a good way to define the section concerning Field Work One, the art work that the blog was meant to parallel


And that is it! So far... Right. I'm off to look at Facebook or something equally productive.