I'm on the tube and there's this drunk guy. Really pissed and really big. Not just fat; tall and long and wide. And he is asleep sort of diagonally. He is leaning on what looks like his daughter, but she seems like she's his girlfriend. They both look a bit downtrodden, life not treating you so good etc. and I feel bad about not wanting to sit too close - there's a smell etc.
  I'm there for a while, reading my book and doing this weird grimace thing I seem to do on public transport now, and I'm wondering what is perturbing me about this guy so much. I keep staring at his ankles. What's my fascination with the lower portion of his legs? I realise, he is wearing trainer socks. You know those weird short socks that gelled-hair-sixth formers and super-camp guys and girls who are worried about VSL (visible sock line) wear? He isn't even wearing trainers.