Breathe Imperative

Breathe Imperative by The Bad Vibes Club
Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau and Hamish MacPherson

Narrator - Tessa Gallagher
Performers - Thaïs Mayne Hanvey, Jennifer Milarski, Graham Reid & Margot
Cameraman - Luke W. Moody

Seething resentment; imposter syndrome; work-life balance; discrimination; office politics; WhatsApp bitching; rotten food in the fridge; coffee grounds in the staff room sink; micro-management; glass ceilings; cubicle farms; open plans and hot desks.

Using breathing and visualisation techniques, artists Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau and Hamish MacPherson present a guided meditation for the contemporary work place, taking you from exhaustion to exuberance and beyond.

Commissioned by Somerset House in 2018

This film was made for a guided meditation event where the audience was laying down in front of a large projection. For the best experience, we suggest making yourself comfortable and watching the film fullscreen, in a darkened room with headphones.