Recent Drawings

Approach the Blessed Bowl, pencil on paper, 2015

Can We Be Together?, pencil on paper, 2015

Freedom, You Deserve It, pencil on paper, 2015

Be Jazzed About it! (Breach Me M8), pencil on paper, 2015

Eat the Inspired Doughnut, pencil on paper, 2015

 Hey There Little Guy!, pencil on paper, 2015

 Love Balloon, pencil on paper, 2015

 Nude, pencil on paper, 2015

 The Authentic Pudding, pencil on paper, 2015

 The Big End, pencil on paper, 2015

 The Sausage of Best Value, pencil on paper, 2015

 We Could Be So Beautiful, pencil on paper, 2015

You When You're Drunk, pencil on paper, 2015

Urban Outfitters Book Selection

Screengrabs from the Urban Outfitters website showing their selection of books for sale in their UK stores.

Topics include emojis, ukuleles, self help, Kurt Cobain, Wicca, avocado, dreams, contemporary masculinity, spiralizing, Joy Division and box sets.

Pangaea Sculptor's Centre - Fabric Designs

Designs for lycra fabric prints taken from high street fashion pieces.

The Vast Realm of the Abject

Objects are discarded by people, and returned to the field of the in-itself from the world of the for-itself.

The field of the in-itself is flat, a plane of being, a world of equivalents.

This is a metaphysical view - observed from the world of the human, in particular the capitalist human trained in reification, in the abstracting of value and the exchange of things for other things. All things can be exchanged for all other things, except a human, which is unexchangeable, removed from the world of exchange, the field of the in-itself.

We fear the objects we discard. They disgust us. Why? By returning them to the field of the in-itself, we release them from captivity. They haunt us, or perhaps more correctly they are haunted. We cannot forget the time that their existence was only for us, the time when they were defined by their use by us.

But now they are spread out before us and we see in them the physical qualities and particularities of their former use. That use is no longer possible. The smashed up vacuum cleaner, the hubcap bereft of its wheel, the insulation foam bloated from the rain.

They will outlast us, we believe. No wonder we bury them.

Acceptable Blockages, 2015

Performance with slide show, 2011/2015.
Performed at Centrum, Berlin, June 2015.
Second image courtesy of artist Bobby Sayers 2015 -

Bathroom Instructions

Beginning with the beautifully designed, gendered instructions for the Barbican's taps, this is a collection of around 60 images of bathroom instructions I've photographed over four or so years.