I forgot to say yesterday, in the first blog, exactly why we were travelling to Guernsey, which seems ridiculous now, but at the time I didn't think about it.

We are making a film about the outdoor swimming pools on the east coast of Guernsey. On Thursday and Friday night we will film the pool under floodlights, and recreate a procession of torches that were part of the night time swimming galas that took place there in 1960s/70s.


Today we drove around looking for a microphone cable; getting stuck in traffic jams and staring at people with bad tattoos. We picked up our flaming torches and then spent some time wandering round a builders merchant. I like builders' merchants, and this one was a classic. I saw two well thumbed soft porn magazines, a man calling another man a gaylord, and a machine that sold coffee and tea for 15 pence a go.

Later on we went down to the pools to test out some shots and see if we could get any audio recordings.

We had also been told about an excellent vantage point from which to film the pools so we carried all of our equipment up several hundred stairs and got some amazing shots of the pool.

We waited for the sun to set, hoping to catch the moon.  Eventually we settled for some long exposure shots of the pool in the dying light.

Text by Matthew Giraudeau
Photos by Tim Bowditch and David Angus