Things I Did in 2014

Each year I do this post rounding up what I did in the previous year. It's a useful way for me to track projects.

-I was at Open School East (OSE) as an Associate until July.

-I ran the first phase of The Bad Vibes Club - a research project into morbid ethics - at Open School East.

-At the London Art Fair I showed some work at Space in Between's stand, and the ARKA group's The Ocelli was included in the film programme.

-The mud formed a finger, pointed by the ARKA group was exhibited as an off-site Space in Between project at Sutton House.

-I began the Radio Anti broadcasting project with Ross Jardine.

-I did more music recording and production work that I still can't talk about but will actually be coming out this year, unlike last year when I said the same thing about the same project.

-OSE had a short residency at Performing Arts Forum in St. Ermes, France.

-Along with Jonathan Hoskins and Lisa Skuret I went to New York to take part in a week long series of events, and present at the Composing Differences symposium at MOMA PS1. A publication with a text by myself, Jon and Nova Benway from The Public School will be available in 2015.

-Just looking through my calendar, it seems like we drank a lot at OSE.

-I made a new performance work with Daniel Oliver called I'm Here. You're Here. Let's Discourse!

-The ARKA group presented Beginnings at Whitstable Bienniale.

-OSE had a week long residency/lovely holiday at CAST in Helston.

-I tried out a new performance piece called Communal Juicing at OSE's exhibition at PEER gallery.

-I made a new film, Clypping (with Tim Bowditch) and a new performance, Somatic Practice (with Eleanor Sikorski) for Wirksworth Festival.

-The ARKA group presented Beginnings at Axolotl, a group exhibition at Model Gallery in Liverpool.

-In what would eventually become a kind of weird research project leading me towards emotionally and physically terrifying situations that I mined for creative content, but originally began as a way of meeting new people, I joined Tinder.

-Radio Anti produced a day of performances and broadcasts for the Art Licks Weekend. You can listen to the recordings online here.

-And, without any conflict of interest whatsoever, I also produced a new performance for another part of the Art Licks Weekend, called Communal Juicing, performed by Katie Braden, Daniel Oliver and a masticating, cold press juicer.

-I had a solo show, also called Communal Juicing at Space in Between.

-The ARKA group's film EXTRAMISSION (2011) was screened at Night Contact as part of Brighton Photo Biennale.

-The ARKA group exhibited On Between, a new installation of sculptures and sound, at Zabludowicz Collection.

-OSE had a fundraiser, and with the help of Lucy Beech's barnstorming speech, managed to raise the money they needed to run for another two years. Yaaaaaaaaay.

-The Bad Vibes Club began to produce original research, I gave a talk about music, melancholy and philosophy at the ICA called The Minor Sixth

-Myself and Matt Breen also produced a segment for Jenny Moore's You Can't Win Them All Ladies and Gentlemen live radio project, a critical appreciation of the film Happiness by Todd Solondz.

-And now it's 2015 and your life is slipping away from you.

Have a good year everybody.