Speaking to Dr. Wake about meteorites led us on to the possibility of life in space, and then the dubious human accounts of alien sightings. We asked George if he had ever seen anything of that sort himself.

G: They were red on the bottom and in front of them there was a circle of sort of peach coloured light and it was turning over and over, and over and over and it just rolled off into the clouds.

B: As in like a circle being like flat like a plate, when you say turning do you mean like a penny spinning in the air?

G: Yeah it was it was sort of it looked as thought it was a hoop a frisbee one of those rim frisbees but these peach coloured soft pinky orange light but, I erm, slowly defined circle inner and outer thing tumbling like this away from us and it vanished into the clouds. Erm, about ten years ago I was working in me sisters nursing home and I was living in the flat at the top which looked out again towards the setting sun erm and I looked out the window and exactly the same colour but this time it was a square then it was a bar it was a square then it was a bar a square then it was a bar and I, a bar tumbling,moving away from me in the direction of a sunset, the fact that it was a sunset and that movement, suggests, they were obviously similar, I wasn't seeing things the second, the first time I thought oooaahhhh that's interesting, but the second time, the colour, the fact the colour was exactly, shit its one of those, and I don't know what they are.