I make music under the name of Dogtanion and today my first album, JAPAN, is released.

I'm excited for obvious reasons - it is my first album! You can buy it in the shops! etc. etc. But I'm not excited in the way I thought I would be when I first started writing and recording music as a teenager.

But then I was thinking about it, and I realised that my teenage self would still be really proud of me, even if he was annoyed that I wasn't rolling a massive spliff to celebrate, because this is an idiosyncratic collection of songs, all made by me, my own way, without any feeling of compromise or pandering to what I think people might like. The album is stupid, serious, obvious and complex, and as a 16 year old hard core music fan - which is the best, most devoted sort of fan - that would have got my approval.

And that is more than enough for me.

You can buy it digitally from iTunes here.


You can order it in physical reality from HMV here

Thanks to everyone who has been involved in Dogtanion at any point, for whatever reason. But special thanks go to Will Evans, head of Tape Club Records, for devoting himself to music that he believes in - and for some reason that including me.