Liverpool Street

I was having blood taken and I passed out. I normally do this thing where I tell the doctor or nurse that I once passed out when I was having my blood taken but that if I tell them then it is fine and I won't pass out. This time it didn't work and I slumped forward in my chair, dropped my phone and the doctor had to catch me. Apparently I was out for about ten seconds, shaking and groaning. When I woke up from what felt like the eternal repetition of hell I could hear myself growling, intoning, 'fuck, fuck fuck'. My contact lenses had come out and my eyes had rolled back in my head. I was shivering and sweating and couldn't see.

I don't remember what happened but I must have sorted myself out and left because when I started thinking straight again I was staring intently at people out of the window at MacDonald's in Liverpool Street station. These notes were on my phone, which was in my hand.


Male intern with man tits (long sleeve shirt under short sleeve shirt) 'sent out' for coffees (5) on cardboard tray from MacDonald's.

'Chunky' but pretty girl in 'well tailored' coat, waiting with headphones.

Bored/anxious looking 'mum' with school group on kids' 'first trip' to London.

Builders drinking fizzy drinks and smoking, leaning on a 'find the Fabergé egg' podium (w/ huge golden egg mounted upon it).

Thin, smoking, coffee drinking girl self-consciously meets 'bigger' friend/colleague.

Essex male looks self-conscious about amount of gel in hair, 'even on this side of town'. Curses 'pretentious wankers' who make him feel self conscious when ever he leaves Essex.

Big middle aged woman walks towards MacDonald's. It 'is hard to not go there everyday'.

Northern man with wheelie bag tries to take a 'quick picture' of 'The Gherkin'.

Older, cultural woman walks quickly and texts. She 'comes to London all the time'.