I've been having strange dreams. Here are three dreams I have had:

  1.  I am the 'King of Slow Jams' i.e. I am the best person at writing and recording 'Slow Jam' R&B songs. Detail - the radio presenter talking about me says that I have brought my 'unique British style' to this most American of genres.
  2. I am a 'young British Asian male' who has a 'passion for acting'. I have to 'choose between acting and [unspecified thing which signals commitment to politicised Islam]'. I do not inhabit the body of the 'young British Asian male' during this dream. The action in the dream doesn't happen as such, more, it just is a single momentary state. I 'choose acting', which in the dream is the 'right things to do'. Seems like my sub-conscious is a neo-liberal racist, i.e. it hopes people 'choose' culture/lifestyle (which it sees as progressive and positive) over religion/politics/historic association (which it sees as regressive/negative).
  3. I am standing in New Cross, with my head tipped to the side. Hot earwax is pouring out of my right ear. Molten yellow slime, giving way to more solid chunks which splatter and start to solidify as they hit the ground, in the manner of candle wax. There are passers by, but they 'don't care'. Within the dream context I am most dismayed by the attitude of the residents of New Cross, their 'lack of pride' in their streets - all this while I am jettisoning what by now must be litres of wax on 'their' pavements.