Post-industrial Revolution: See You Soon

I'm not here today. I'm in Sopot, a seaside town just north of Gdańsk.

I expect that as you're reading this I will be eating a massive ice cream, like this one. I think it might be a sign of a decadent capitalist society to be advertising ice creams like these (the ice cream:cone ratio in the real ice cream really is this disproportionate) but I'm going to eat it all in my face.

Then maybe I'll buy a cool hat, to protect me from the sun. Perhaps a hat like this '@ Hat'. Practical and ICT aware.

Then perhaps, former Pope Jan Paweł II (R.I.P) and myself will take part in some fun times down on the seafront.

Hey Jan, where's my hat!

Then I might come back to Gdańsk and sample the nightlife. Hey look, Bez, off of the Happy Mondays is playing.

Happy New Year Bez!

But then I'll see this graffito and I'll know the truth. Art is a lie. And I'm a liar.