Post-Industrial Revolution - From May 6th - June 5th

This Friday morning, at around 3am, I will drag a suitcase full of audio equipment, a few clothes, and a wallet full of zloty to Stansted airport and get on a plane to Gdańsk. I will be living and working in Gdańsk for the next month as part of Post-Industrial Revolution, a residency and exhibition at Modelarnia, run by the Wyspa Institute of Art.

I will be making work about the shipyards of Gdańsk, which was where Solidarity (Solidarność) - the first non-communist trade union in Poland - was founded. I'll be exploring the political history of the shipyards, and trying to find out what that history means in a post-industrial society.

I'll be keeping a daily blog - right here - from Saturday until I leave Poland in June. Check back every day for a new post. If you followed the last few residency blogs you'll know these posts can vary from exploitative youtube videos, to ad hoc reviews of whatever I'm reading at that moment, to short essays about horses.

See you back here on Saturday.