I'm tired. I'm wearing nylon trousers and it is really hot. I have to have the windows open but the roadworks outside are oppressively loud. I am hitting a wall. An art wall. Like when you run a marathon. This is an art marathon. I can't think straight, my movements are sluggish and I am sweating like cheese in a plastic bag.

Today I'm going to do more drawings, possibly inspired by a book of Roald Dahl's erotic fiction, possibly not. I'm definitely going to plan a monument to waste of some kind (maybe plastic bags or dog poo), and maybe expand an idea about preserving iconic parts of our natural landscape by boxing them in with MDF and providing a viewing window made of plexi-glass.

Yesterday we went to Manchester to pick up a bit of Sarah's work that was in a Future Everything exhibition. The we ate an ice cream. Then we drove to Tatton Park and looked at sheep and deer. I ate a large sandwich and then we drove home. It was good to have a break from making, but I feel like I have a lot to do this week. I've got write and record the narration for the video, take pictures for the visual element of the piece, find a fan to install along with the video (+ plastic bags + balloons), make more drawings with which I'm happy enough to display and possibly make another maquette. Blimey o'fucking riley.

Anyhow, best not get bogged down in what I've got to do. Go about your business. Here is a picture of a cow with six legs and dog with three heads.