I'm in a quiet room, on a make shift table upstairs in the studios. Today I'm going to do some serious drawing, maybe for the whole day. I haven't done that for years.
  Yesterday: I wander the streets of Brum. It is sunny and warm and I wear my stupid sunglasses. They make me look like John Lennon or maybe just a dickhead. The first thing I do is visit Primark. I think about the ubiquity of brands as icons, as opposed to the physical specificity of monuments. Also I buy a towel. Joe Welden takes me to Eastside Projects, another space + studios round the corner from the Lombard Method, and he points out Grand Union, another space + studios. Around here there is also Ikon Eastside and Eastside Space (though I can't find Eastside Space on Google, so maybe I invented it...).
  Later I give a little talk on my work. I talk about pissing, hypothetical objects, God machines, the stoned moment.
  Tim Stock tells me about bad public sculpture in Birmingham and finds me this picture of a bad sculpture that was burned down.

Maybe I'll make a monument to the burning down of the monument.

In my talk I show this video to try and explain the heady brew of absurdity and empathy with which I want my work to be imbued.