All the worms in a Genealogy of Morals by Friedrich Nietzsche

A man like this shakes from him, with one shrug, many worms which would have burrowed into another man;

‘man’ is first and foremost a teeming mass of worms; that the ‘tame man’, who is incurably mediocre and unedifying, has already learnt to view himself as the aim and pinnacle, the meaning of history

a fat worm of basic error,

good, thin, clear, free, dry air, like the air in the mountains, in which all animal existence becomes more spiritual and takes wings; peace in every basement; every dog nicely on the lead; no hostile barking and shaggy rancune; no gnawing worms of wounded ambition; bowels regular and under control, busy as a milling mecha- nism but remote; the heart alien, transcendent, expectant, posthumous

Here, the worms of revenge and rancour teem all round; here, the air stinks of things unrevealed and unconfessed

These worm-eaten physiological casualties are all men of ressentiment, a whole, vibrating realm of subterranean revenge, inexhaustible and insatiable in its eruptions against the happy, and likewise in masquerades of revenge and pretexts for revenge

But at all events, keep away from the evil fumes of inner corruption and the secret, worm-eaten rottenness of disease!

science today is a hiding place for all kinds of ill-humour, unbelief, gnawing worms, despectio sui,113 bad conscience