Granular Being

We've been encouraged to think of being (like, stuff, matter like existence) as sticky. Perhaps viscous. Space-time as a thick soup. Being is something we wade through. When it is made present to us - perhaps through our breaking of the correlationist ignorance-bond, via thought or event or uncanny moment - being might seem weighed down by its own, well, beingness.

Beings, some suggest, are gloopy perhaps, with connections and relations sticking them to other things and at the same time congealing them into themselves. And, attempting to peel away their unending skins of reality like an infinite onion, we are left with hands covered in a mucusy substance, a thick muck that smells rankly of presence.

What if Being was granular? Particular, in both senses. When we break the (practical, useful, obfuscating) correlation between human and world, could it reveal a kind of dust cloud? Might we see not plasmatic gloop, or the viscous, vicariousness of object causality, but how unconnected being is from itself? How there is a gap between the granules of being?

I'm not suggesting a return to atomism - there is still no biggest or smallest thing, but maybe the gaps between things could be as meaningful as the things themselves.