Things I did in 2013

It feels a bit self-regarding writing this, but I did it last year and it was quite useful for me to remember what I'd done. Hopefully other people find it useful or interesting.

I can't really talk about most of the music stuff I was doing in 2013 until maybe summer when it might appear in the world. So, most of this is art and writing stuff.

-It's not something I made, but I listened to Timothy Morton's seminars on Object Oriented Ontology and they got me thinking and reading philosophy again, so thanks Tim.

-I started writing the Ambient Notes series and posting them on here.

-I got a studio and started making new object based work, a lot of it was to do with rocks.

-I went to Ireland with Emma Cummins to do research for a publication about Ghost Estates (due out at some point in 2014...), some of my notes are on this blog.

-Nick Rochowski, Tim Bowditch and me went to Rome to exhibit an installed version of their Hind Land project with my site specific sound piece.

-I exhibited new work as part of Implausible Imposters at Ceri Hand gallery. I put some documentation here.

-I put a mix out on Dummy mag under the ACKROYD name. It's loads of really loud dance music and there are great visuals by Andrew Sunderland.

-I became an Associate of Open School East.

-I made some new drawings as a visual essay for Andrew Maughan's show Response, Call, Response at Arcade Gallery.

-I took part in Field Broadcast: Caddy Life and broadcast a new performance work featuring Obelix, Asterix and a Menhir talking about LSD.

-I wrote a new performance called Real Life Hits: I was the Son of a Jazz Vibraphonist for Annie Davey and Tom Railton's exhibition Bricoleurze at Space in Between.

-The ARKA group had an exhibition called Rapid Eye Movement (Paradoxical Sleep) as part of Fig 1 at Baltic 39.

-Me and Andrew Sunderland collaborated under the ACKROYD name to make the MEAT PARTY installation as part of Fly me Through the Night, at Piloy, Philipp Dorl and Suzanne Posthumus's domestic gallery in Primrose Hill.

-Me and Eleanor Sikorski wrote and performed a new work for Experimentica 13 at Chapter Gallery in Cardiff. I only have this weird video of it, but hopefully I'll have full documentation soon.

-The ARKA group exhibited The Ocelli in a new installation for You blink at the plughole at Mexico Gallery in Leeds.

-Hind Land was exhibited with a new site specific sound installation at The Bluecoat in Liverpool as part of Soft Estate. Soft Estate will tour to Spacex in Exeter in March 2014.

-I put on The Black Swan Dinner at Rhubaba Gallery in Edinburgh.

-I took part in the Artists Make Pub Signs show for Space in Between. I also re-performed an old thing from 2012 called BOOZE on a rainy Saturday afternoon as part of the show.

-I started my research project for Open School East called The Bad Vibes Club. The first public manifestation of The Bad Vibes Club will be a series of lectures and reading groups in 2014.

-Me and Ross Jardine started a discontinuous FM and online station called Radio Anti