Giant Inflatable Video Dump

You can thank Chloe Cooper for this. I woke up this morning and her and Bella were sitting in the living room watching these videos.

This guy has maybe 25 different videos, all shot in the same way. He is technical - he has loads of tutorial videos about how to modify your inflatable so that it's a "single chamber", so then it can take more pressure and hold your weight. He is kind of passive as well, in the way that he lays on the animals face down as they inflate.

His garden looks nice though.

These seem to be the more typical style of video - selfied rides on big inflatable horses.

There aren't many of these - it seems like this uploader is coming from a different subculture of girls popping things by bouncing on them, but has just ticked a few boxes for a different set of viewers. One commenter says, 'She got me all hot and bothered riding that blowup zebra. Why did she have to pop it and spoil this video?'

Actually, I tell a lie. Seems like there's quite a bit of popping.

And this one won't let me embed it, but it's totally worth it, it's a guy who dresses up as a tiger and plays with inflatable animals -

Happy Christmas one and all.