Things I Did in 2012

I did a lot of things in 2012. I thought I'd list all the things that are somehow available online and it would be useful for me and maybe not completely uninteresting for you.


  1. I released an album as Dogtanion, called JAPAN.
  2. I went on tour with Laurel Collective and Peter & Kerry.
  3. I released two singles with videos, Islam and Heavy Talk.
  4. I released a whole suite of live videos, beautifully shot by Tim Bowditch and Jonathan Gales in Bethnal Green Library.


  1. I wrote a load of copy and essays and fiction for Tim Bowditch's new website.
  2. Me and Tim also produced a book, Leaf Peeper, published by Rokov Books.
  3. I wrote a piece of fiction for INTERNET's theatre piece, called Acting, which was performed at the Whitstable Bienniale.
  4. I started a writing group where seven writers meet up every month and discuss and critique a piece of fiction written by someone in the group. There isn't anything online for this, but I'm proud of it so I wanted to write it down.