The Parable of the Horse

The parable of the horse is this – One day three men were looking at a horse being ridden along by a human man. The horse started to make a toilet, as it walked, right there on the pavement, out of its bot bot, and then the human man who was riding the horse got down and cleaned up the toilet that the horse had made on the pavement. The first man said 'Wow, look at that horse and how it just made a toilet right there on the pavement'. The second man nodded in agreement and said to the other men, 'Yes, it would be wonderful if we could just make a toilet right where we stood and then another human man had to come along and clean it up', and the third man turned to the other two men and he said,

'Yes, but always remember, though a horse may make a toilet where ever it likes, on paving stone or on roughly poured concrete or in field, and a human man has to clean it up, that same human man will then take the horse back to the horse's special wooden house, and nail metal shoes into its feet.'