I live in Bow. There is a lot of development there at the moment. A lot of signs with "Affordable " written on them.

I was thinking about that word, as a linguistic tag. Its use here is a bit of a double edged metaphor, an upturned euphemism.

"Affordable" is meant to be a slightly patronising favour, given to you by the developers. The official figure is anything at or below 80% of market rates.

But, strangely, the already condescending metaphorical use of the word has been twisted to become harshly berating. To need housing to be actually affordable - or even worse, to see affordable housing as a right - is now more than embarrassing, it is actively frowned upon.

This "Affordable" portrays paying the incredibly high rates of the private rental market as a duty, and your need for "Affordable" as the failure to manage your finances in accordance with a spiralling housing crisis.