Curriculum Vitae

I got an email from a work colleague this morning. He claimed that I had altered his CV, which he had saved on a communal computer at work. I hadn't done it, but I got him to send it to me. I thought it was quite good.


I make work and like making artwork. Mostly the work I make is art and some of it is also sculptures. Making more work, art and sculptures, as well as artwork itself, is what I hope to make more of in the future hopefully.

11 GCSE’s at C or above
3 A levels
1 Foundation course
1 BA in artwork
1 PG Dip in artwork and sculptures
1 MA in artwork and more sculptures

I have done upwards of 6 different shows, some of them were attended by people.

Relevant Experience
Full, clean driving license
Full, clean underwear
Small, empty brain
Cute dimples