Found things

I've just finished writing an application, and in the (incredibly long) application form, I had to define what it is that I do in my art practice. Weirdly, that isn't something you get asked a lot when you are an artist.

You are often explaining why you have done a particular thing, or what it is that you intend to do, but not what it is that you do. A general, rather than a specific question.

From what I wrote (it's all a blur right now, I've just pressed the send button...), and from the work that I submitted, I realise that a lot of my work is based on things that I find, rather than things that I create. Here is a little selection of my favorites. They are all from my website, but I haven't ever thought of them as similar before now.

 Eiffel Tower with Americans, colour photo, 2009

I saw these American tourists having a Segway tour in Paris. One of the group member's scooter wasn't working properly, and when they left she was left stranded in front of me.

 Martin Heidegger, Looking Suprised, scanned image, 2009

This is from a book on continental philosophy by Simon Critchley. The caption for the photo is sort of a philosophical joke. Well, I think it might be. I don't really understand Heidegger's philosophy, but I like the picture.

 Portrait of a Young Flying Tourist, colour photo, 2008

I saw this tourist staging this photo and managed to catch him as he jumped in the air. I was surprised at the good timing of my picture, I probably have a better photo than he does.

 Woman With Glasses (after Martin Creed), colour photo, 2008

I unloaded my bag on my bed, and realised that it had made a perfect little image.

 Fixed Shoes (Wooden Legs), colour photo, 2008

I was fixing my shoes (it didn't work) and had knocked up this informal arrangement to facilitate the (ultimately pointless) process.

 Pragmatic Sculpture, colour photo, 2007

I saw this bin arrangement in Tynemouth and thought it was both practical and ridiculous.

 Played by Gentlemen, colour photo, 2007

I don't know who kicked this football in to the sea, but I'm glad they did.

Spilled Lunchbox, colour photo, 2007

How many jam sandwiches can someone have about their person at any one time?