I've been thinking about how to erase an image. One image. Nothing iconic, just type 'picture' in to google image search, take the first one, and think about how you would go about erasing it.

I would approach the owner of the website, and ask them to remove it. Then approach Google, and ask them to remove it from their cached version of the web page. Then find the maker of the image, and ask them to remove it from their computer. Even if they agreed to these ludicrous requests, I would then have to find all the other websites that copied the image, and then begin the laborious process of finding all the parts of the image (probably from online image banks) and asking for them to be removed. I would have to find everyone who has worked on the web-page containing the image and somehow make them forget it, or at the very least never talk about it. And then I would have to somehow forget it (and delete this piece of writing).

-To remove an image from the world would be a great action.
-Everything is an image of everything else.
-That which cannot be burnt must be buried.