Well that was fun.

Thanks very much to the Royal Standard for having me. I had an amazing time in Liverpool, met some incredibly interesting people and (I think) made some great new work. I think the performance lecture (as of yet untitled) I gave on Monday night has really changed how I think about my live work, and how my writing relates to my art work.

I will have full documentation of the video pieces and performance on my website very soon, but for now here are some photos of the exhibition.

Thanks again to everyone at the Royal Standard, I look forward to returning to Liverpool - possibly for the Biennial shows that the Royal Standard are putting on, Hierarchies of Allegiance and Deadpan.

The Festival, multi-channel video installation with drawings, 2010

Disruptive Histories, series of digital videos, made in collaboration with Penny Whitehead and Daniel Simpkins, installation shots, 2010

Oblique Monuments, series of drawings, pen on paper, 2010